Colors of joga

It is about yoga and other forms of work with the body that support internal integration. Yoga is a good start to uncover our unique nature.

We tend to try many things to feel better, to be more ourselves, not really focusing on our real needs, but on what others think and do. Colours of Yoga is a friendly space towards imperfections, a space for your body and soul, in which we encourage you to follow the authentic self without looking at the directions chosen by others.



10 March, 2018

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Vipassana meditation / my ways to "survive" / easy and more difficult moments

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29 October, 2018

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Yin yoga / work on trauma and tension in the body / tips for beginners / Beta humanly :)

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4 March, 2018

Bali Spirit Festival  Bali Spirit Festival brings together over 6,000 people from all over the world who want to gain new experience, g...

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It's about imperfections that will allow us to discover our talents, not about being perfect.

- Colors of Yoga



In today’s world it is extremely difficult to maintain balance, well-being, and stay in touch with what we feel in our body. We go from one extreme to the other – not because we want to, but because the body can not do it differently. Our intentions and thoughts to keep the body in balance are strong, but the impulses coming from the body prevail.

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Spiral yoga is an energy-stimulating dynamic yoga sequence that combines yoga, gyrokinesis and dance. Circular movements’ cycles from heart to kidneys symbolise strength and harmony between these two key organs.

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Chakra or ćakra in Sanskrit means a circle or a wheel. In chakra yoga it is a circle that embraces the main organs in our body. Some of these organs may be blocked or do not function properly, others may compensate for the deficiencies by acting too intensively.

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It's about the choices we want to make ourselves, not about what others choose for us.

- Colors of Yoga