Sleeping swan



stretches the Lumbar area and quadriceps. Focuses on hips opening and stretching the hip flexors from the back leg (mainly leg in the front).



targets mainly Liver-Gall Bladder, the Stomach-Spleen and Urinary Bladder.


stimulating and energizing.


Be careful if you have knee problems or had a knee injury. If hips are too tight, move front foot to the back vaguely – towards the hip or under it.


You can come onto the sleeping swan position from downward facing dog pose or cat tail pose. Move your front knee onward and place it between two hand. Move slightly to the right and observe what emotions and impressions are coming to your right knee. If you do not feel pain in your knee, stretch your right foot and move it forward. If you feel some knee pain – move the foot closer to the hip. Balance your body and try to roll up your back leg toes more backwards. Repeat few times until your right buttock will touch the floor or will be as low as possible.

To protect your right knee, keep your foot stretched before you will move your torso onward. Focus on keeping your body weight on your hips when going down with the body.

If you need some support for your torso – you can put the bolster under to find a good position for laying down.


One to three minutes if doing the upward swan pose first. Three to five minutes if doing the sleeping swan right away.


Slowly come back up on your hand, move back your front leg and go into the downward facing dog position. After a while go into the child pose.


Sometimes gentle move of the legs can strengthen the position feeling in the hips (front leg) simultaneously lowering the quadriceps stretch in the back leg.





Huge inspiration in preparing yin yoga descriptions was Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier website: