„Yin yoga at Maja’s made me realise how stress and excessive worrying destroy well-being and health. After all, I’m not able to do anything when overstressed. I feel clearly how too much tension, which often produces itself in my thoughts, negatively affects my body and psyche, how my stomach and feet suffer. I think about this stress: “It’s not worth it.” Of course, such an approach requires courage, letting go of control, but this precisely is worth every penny. And besides this, yin yoga is a set of beautiful, aesthetic movements. This is probably the most dancey yoga in the city. Highly recommended.”

Karolina Błachnio | 18.05.2018

„Yoga at Maja’s is a complete approach to the topic. You will find there a good set of exercises suited to the mood of participants, as well as a moment for reflection and meditation. I highly recommend this teacher.”

Izabella Bochenko | 25.06.2018

„Yoga with Maja is a unique ritual in which, despite group classes, I always feel treated individually. Despite the fact that I have been practicing for only 3 months, I feel a huge difference in my body, I am more aware of the processes that take place in it. When preparing for a natural birth, I practice on my own daily and once a week with a trainer. This one day is a great celebration for my body. Thanks to the skilful guiding and very well thought sequence of asanas, I have the opportunity to deepen the positions and improve the technique. I recommend it to anyone who would like to reduce stress, consciously respond to everyday challenges or simply enjoy life more.”

Wiola Chróścik | 26.06.2018

„For a long time we have been looking for a place where yoga practice would give us a balance between the needs of our body and spirit. We felt have felt this balance at Maja’s classes, so after the first session we decided to come back regularly. Recently, we haven’t been in Warsaw for a long time and Maja prepared some home set of yoga poses for us. Thanks to that we were all the time continuing our yoga practice. The days when we practice together – Tuesdays and Fridays – are always very nice ones filled with meeting people with whom we share our passion for yoga. It is also the time with one’s self – thanks to the practice, we sense where we are and what our condition is. We highly recommend it!

Michał Piasecki | 28.06.2018