Spiral Yoga

Spiral yoga is an energy-stimulating dynamic yoga sequence that combines yoga, gyrokinesis and dance. Circular movements’ cycles from heart to kidneys symbolise strength and harmony between these two key organs.

The Dynamic Spiral Yoga System allows us to practice the balance of the autonomic nervous system.

Stretching and breathing are used to activate the sympathetic nervous system and soothe the parasympathetic system – two parts of the autonomic nervous system. By stimulating the nervous system and soothing it, we achieve the balance of yin and yang forces.

TThe creator of the Dynamic Spiral Yoga system is Beta Lisboa. She shares it with the world along with her partner, Simon Calder. If you want to listen to what Beta says about spiral yoga and see how she practices it, watch the video that is posted below.

Spiral yoga is characterised by a large variety of movement forms. It offers stretching, bending, movements of lifting and lowering the limbs, rotations and circular movements. Each form of movement creates a different fascial pattern.

What are the fascial patterns? Fascial patterns are built by amplifying specific movements performed by the body. The limitation occurs when, by strengthening a given pattern more and more, we expose our body to an injury. It comes to it exactly when we leave this movement, which is too intense, and which was supposed to amplify the pattern after all. Spiral movements activate all forms of movements at the same time, those which we have mentioned above. This allows the body to have a wide range of different movements within the joints. The fascial patterns that are created then affect all tissues, muscles, organs and deep fasciae.

Practising the dynamic spiral yoga system with the conscious use of breath restores our innate grace, thaws out the individual parts of the body, arms, shoulders, chest, opens our hearts to ourselves and others and increases stability.

When we achieve inner freedom and balance with the world, life becomes a dance - beautiful and full of gratitude to ourselves.

- Colors of Yoga