Chakra Yoga

Chakra or ćakra in Sanskrit means circle or wheel. In chakra yoga, it is a circle that embraces the main organs in our body. Some of these organs may be blocked or do not function properly, others may compensate for the deficiencies by acting too intensively.

The Asanas or poses in the chakra yoga are grouped so as to stimulate or silence particular parts of the body and internal organs, depending on our current state. Working with chakras affects not only the regulation of physiological functions of organs, but also the state of mind, emotions and spirit. By practicing the asanas from each group, we usually discover and observe what we now have in our body and emotions in the first place. The next step is learning to hear the signals that the body sends and observe the obstacles on their path, until we learn to understand ourselves. Living in understanding of the inner voice and in harmony with it allows effortless flowering of our unique beauty, potential and personality.

Crown – Sahasrara

  This chakra is responsible for the reflection and conscious life. It represents the culmination of all the chakr...


Third Eye – Ajna

This chakra is responsible for sight and its clarity, development, as well as good mood,...


Throat – Vishuddha

  This chakra refers to vibration, self-expression through voice and other, unrest...


Heart – Anahata

This chakra refers to a sense of connection, union, community, balance, individual devel...


Solar Plexus – Manipura

This chakra refers to the fire. Agni – the digestive fire, is the base of well-being....


Sacral Chakra – Suadistana

This chakra refers to the aspect of free flow and the right to feel. It is associated wi...


Root Chakra – Muladhara

This chakra refers to the foundation, the base, to the spine. It gives physical and mental support, reliability and stab...


Our body is an instrument on which the universe and divinity play. Our task is to keep this instrument in tune and to listen to the voice of the truth that speaks through it.

- Anodea Judith